Freddy Krueger Appears as “Repressed Gay Teen” Twice as Often as “Sexy Naked Lady”

05/04/2010 3:58 PM |


In honor of the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie, the folks at Complex released their “Freddy Krueger Kill Index” last week: a charticle-in-eight-parts that delineates where Knifefingers’ victims died (first place tie for “Bedroom” and “Pool Party”); how they died (“stabbed in chest”); why they died; kill ratio by gender (70% male!); forms the killer took (“himself” nine times as often as “repressed gay teen”); and killing lines (puns twice as often as “____, fucker!”).

It’s a fun franchise-recapper, not unlike the pretty infographic that National Post produced last year, which illustrated the many ways in which Jason Voorhies’ victims had been killed over the years, in honor of last year‘s horror franchise reboot. I hope they keep making these “updated classics”…as long as we keep getting these fun graphics.