Gallery Salon 94 Inaugurating New Bowery Space With Richard Prince T-Shirt Exhibition

05/12/2010 5:17 PM |

Richard Prince T-Shirt painting

One art gallery operating in multiple spaces is pretty common in Chelsea (see: Sean Kelly, Gagosian, Pace, etc.), but on the budding Lower East Side scene, where galleries aren’t just competing with other galleries for real estate, it’s unheard of… until now. Salon 94, which currently has a spot in an Upper East Side townhouse and another nestled in Freeman Alley between Bowery and Chrystie Street, will open a new space two doors up from the New Museum at 243 Bowery on Saturday with an exhibition of Richard Prince paintings on t-shirts stretched onto canvases.

The space, according to a gallery press release (and Google Maps), is “a raw, un-renovated, former restaurant supply store” (what else?), and after the Prince show closes on June 26 the venue will be properly renovated over the summer and reopen in its white cube state with a Liz Cohen show in the fall. And so, Bowery’s transformation from restaurant supply strip to expensive art emporium continues.