Guactacular: Do It for Mexico

05/05/2010 4:40 PM |


In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the good people over at the Bell House are hosting Guactacular—a brutal competition of 20 different guacamoles judged by a panel of restaurateurs—brought to you by popular nacho blog (yup) NachosNY. There will be free Tecate and Dos Equis from 7 to 8 p.m., custom cupcakes (with lots of candied habanero) from Robicellis, and Choncho’s tacos for more substantial munching. Patrons can enter to win a This is Why You’re Fat gift pack or a shit-ton of hot sauce from Viva. There will also be mamacitas walking around with bottles of Hornitos to be poured in your mouth or on your chip or whatever. So congratulations, Mexico. Not only have you given us something to put on this lonely Organic Blue Corn Tostito, but you are also the only nation besides the United States to see the beauty of deeming a holiday so badass that it doesn’t even need a name to explain itself, the date itself stands alone. Suck it, Thanksgiving.