Hats Off to CUNY For Offering Free Education to Undocumented Restaurant Workers

05/03/2010 2:31 PM |

illegal immigration

  • Ain’t no American dream.

The awful craziness of the Arizona legislature and its xenophobic, nativist approach to immigration “reform” has been pretty depressing, not only for its deeply un-American dismissal of individual liberty, but for how powerless it’s left New Yorkers feeling all the way up here in the rainy northeast.

So thank you, CUNY, for coming up with a free pilot program for undocumented restaurant workers that incorporates hospitality training with English and remedial math; the program, which began in February and is funded in part by the Mexican government, aims to provide educational opportunities for hardworking immigrants, with no proof of legal status required.

Because this is what the American dream looks like in New York City, where most of us are too busy working to sit in lawn chairs with guns trained on the desert.

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