Hear Win and Will Butler Talk to NPR About the New Arcade Fire Album

05/28/2010 11:21 AM |


While freaking out about John Prine being on Letterman with Jim James and desperately trying to ignore the whole M.I.A. as petulant 9th grader thing yesterday afternoon, I managed to miss this: Win and Will Butler appeared on NPR’s All Songs Considered with Bob Boilen to talk about their new album, The Suburbs. My personal favorite part is when Will says, for no apparent reason, “I mean, ‘Month of May’ isn’t half as dumb or half as short or half as light as 90% of the songs on The White Album” and then sings “Honey Pie.” My second favorite part is when he says, “When you tour Europe, you really actually start to be able to differentiate the ethnicities of white people.” [via Largehearted Boy]

One Comment

  • Has anyone mentioned yet how much that song sounds like a Meatloaf track off “Rocky Horror Picture Show”?

    Thanks for the link though, it cut off after about 10 minutes on my computer yesterday….