Hey, You Guys, Have You Heard About the Baby Reindeer Who Was Saved By Mouth to Mouth?

05/26/2010 1:49 PM |

Snow White the Baby Reindeer

  • “I kissed a man.”

Oh golly. THIS IS JUST SO ADORABLE. A little bitty baby reindeer (pronounce “waindeer”) was given mouth-to-mouth by a rollercoaster repairman at an English theme park (god, what a gorgeous sentence). The regular animal OB-GYN was away or something, so park engineer Chris Walker got the call because of his previous experience with livestock. Said Walker:

I rushed over to find the calf lying on the grass lifeless, she had a very weak heartbeat and was not breathing, I checked her airway was clear, rubbed her briskly to stimulate the heart and gave her a couple of breaths in her mouth – as soon as I was confident that she was breathing I left her to bond with her mother.

The baby deer has since been named Snow White. Now I’m going to drink some rye and read J.G. Ballard.