Holy Shit! Red Neck Out-of-Town Poachers Are Stealing Our Pigeons and USING THEM FOR SPORT!

05/26/2010 11:23 AM |

giant pigeon

  • Shoot this, you cracker sumbitch.

This sucks. And I join with Animal NYC in saying that if I ever see anyone trapping a bona fide NYC pigeon I will punch that person in his ugly face.

Seriously. The Wall Street Journal reports that out-of-staters have been coming to New York and capturing local pigeons with nets. No, it’s not to eat them (there’s edible vermin across this great nation of ours), but rather to sell them to gun ranges to serve as “live skeet” in day-long competitions where contestants fire shotguns at thousands of “released” birds. The lucky birds are transported to Pennsyltucky without food and water and then get filled full of buckshot. Holy fucking shit that is awful and pathetic.

Here’s what American hero Frank Pascoe, the Pennsylvania representative of the Amateur Trap Shooting Association had to say about the whole thing: “It’s an American tradition and form of pest control.”

Frank, they’re our pests. Quit stealing them. And if we see you in our city stealing our birds we will kick you in the nuts.