In Honor of Mother’s Day: Pictures of Our Moms

05/07/2010 4:23 PM |

mother earth

  • Oh hey, look, it’s Mother Earth!

The blog “My Mom The Style Icon” celebrates snapshots moments in the lives of the cool, vivacious, beautiful young women who eventually became our mothers. The site features great vintage reader-submitted photos of their moms back in the day, in a time and world of their own and looking totally fabulous. It features some pretty awesome retro fashions, as well as some rather touching testimonies.
It is at once a very fun, sweet, and inspiring blog. In honor of Mother’s Day, we here at L Magazine are taking a cue from “My Mom, The Style Icon” and sharing our own cool mom photos with you! I’ll start:

My mom was born on a covered wagon in Czechoslovakia, immigrated to the States with her Ukrainian parents when she was 5, and grew up in NYC. She hung out in Greenwich Village in the 60’s. She started acting in high school and eventually worked out in Hollywood in the 70’s doing production stuff. Aside from all the personal qualities that make her so neat-o, she always looked beautiful and had great style (and still does). I have shamelessly appropriated any and all of her old 60s dresses and hold them among my most treasured articles of clothing. I still have the red swirly shift she wore when she plotted a Beatles limousine interception at the west side heliport when they came to play Shea Stadium, which she succeeded in… (a whole other story). My mom has always been a huge inspiration for me. She is my best friend, and is definitely a COOL MOM!!! And here she is:

mom pictures

  • The Hollywood years…
mothers day

  • Here we are together (I still have that dress).

I asked L Mag staffers to send me pics of their moms, in the spirit of the site. Some had access to old photos, and some sent new ones. It’s all good (except to those of you who didn’t even bother trying. Boo.)

Here’s L Mag editor Jonny Diamond with his mom (on his 19th birthday):

diamond mom

  • Dig the glasses.

Here’s assistant editor Henry Stewart’s mom, in Brooklyn, in the early 70s.

henrys mom

The mother of the Stedmans! (Not in the 70s).

stedmans mom

Sales dude Jesse Smith’s mom (in the 70s).

Jesses mom

Assistant designer Mike McKeogh with his mom (and family):

mckeoghs mom

Assistant to the Publisher Sarah Shanfield’s mom (on vacation?):

shanfields mom


P.S. The blog in question is hosting a special Mother’s Day reading/storytelling event at WORD in Greenpoint: “Momma Said: Lies Our Mothers Told Us (And Some We Wish They Had)”
At WORD, 126 Franklin St, Brooklyn
Sunday, May 9th, 6pm

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