Lone Hipster Bike Trend That Didn’t Originate in Brooklyn, Finally Comes to Brooklyn

05/17/2010 1:59 PM |

edward gorey bike

The craziest thing about the whole “tweed” cycling club trend—wherein youthful aesthetes dress in Victorian/Edwardian fashions and ride their bicycles around town—is that it didn’t start in Brooklyn. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong the kids these days that Squaresvilles like Philadelphia, Chicago and fucking Washington have been channeling Belle and Sebastian songs (in bike form) for nearly a year, and we haven’t? Thankfully, as of this Saturday, May 23rd, that will no longer be the case.

Brooklyn’s “Tweed Club” will begin its inaugural ride at Prospect Park around 10:30am, and will finish up in Fort Greene, with planned refreshments at that neighborhood’s Kif Restaurant. To find out more info (and to register) head to bigappletweed.com.

Or you could just put on If You’re Feeling Sinister and thumb through some Edward Gorey.