Lynn Redgrave, 1943-2010

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05/03/2010 4:19 PM |


The actress Lynn Redgrave, of the acting Redgraves, died over the weekend at her Connecticut home after a years-long struggle with breast cancer, her family has announced.

The youngest child of British stage and screen star Sir Michael Redgrave and his actress wife Rachel Kempton, Lynn was Oscar-nominated for her title role in Georgy Girl, as a working-class sexual revolution-era London naif, and for her acerbic supporting turn in Bill Condon’s Gods and Monsters; many, though, recall her more, um, eccentric role choices. In interviews, she downplayed her gilded lineage: “Vanessa was the one expected to be the great actress… It was always, ‘Corin’s the brain, Vanessa the shining star, oh, and then there’s Lynn,” she once said of her fellow-thespian older siblings (brother Corin died just last month). But she had become something of a keeper of the family history (which also includes another generation, including her niece Natasha Richardson, who died after an accident last year): this past September, in spite of illness, she performed Nightingale, a one-woman show about her grandmother; in 1992, she wrote and performed the musing Shakespeare for My Father.

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