Megan Fox Will Not Be in Transformers 3, Internet to Masturbate to Someone Else

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05/20/2010 1:26 PM |

Wait, which one is Megan Fox again?

  • Wait, which one is Megan Fox again?

“Megan Fox,” an entity constructed entirely of collagen and hyperlinks, became briefly human, interesting and sympathetic yesterday when it was announced that she will not be appearing in Transformers 3, not by her choice, presumably because of derisive off-the-cuff comments made about auteur Michael Bay.

It says much about the Transformers franchise—nay, about Cinema Itself—that Megan Fox is now considered too human and unpredictable to be involved.

Disappointingly, the Fox camp seems to be in damage-control celebrity kissy-face mode. And here I was hoping she would be angry and defiant—human?—enough to finally confirm that Bay taped her washing his Ferrari as part of her audition.