More Bands Announced on This Fine Friday Morning

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05/21/2010 10:59 AM |

It’s Friday and the sun is out; thought it’d be the perfect time to let you know about some more bands you’ll be catching during Northside, including newly hailed Brit rockers Male Bonding (who’ll be opening for Titus on the MetroPCS outdoor stage), adorable pop duo Slow Club, party starters The Golden Filter, off-kilter folksters YellowFever, metal beasts Javelina, and pretty much a who’s who of local buzz bands. Take a look, grab a badge, and we’ll be back with more soon:

Aa, Air Waves, Annie & the Beekeepers, The Art of Shooting, The Babies, Baby Copperhead, Ball of Flame Shoot Fire, Bebe Fang, The Black Atlantic, Blood Warrior, Bottle Up & Go, Callers, Cat Martino, Charles Burst, Class Actress, Dark Dark Dark, Dinosaur Feathers, FLOOR, Forest Fire, Gold Lake, The Golden Filter, Harper Blynn, Hooray for Earth, Hot Graves, Jason Loughlin, Javelina, Jody Porter (of Fountains of Wayne) , Keepaway, La Strada, Linfinity, The Loom, Madison Square Gardeners, Male Bonding, The New Deal, North Highlands, Paul & the Patients, PC Worship, Runaway (DJ set), She Keeps Bees, The Shivers, Slow Club, Vandaveer, Violens, World Atlas, YellowFever