More New Yorkers Biking, Fewer Getting Injured While Doing So

05/06/2010 10:51 AM |

Bike accident

However inflated recent statistics on the booming number of cyclists in New York City may be (more than or slightly fewer than 200,000?) it doesn’t take bridge exit surveys to see that biking in the city is still on the rise, which makes the continuing decrease in bike accidents and fatalities all the more impressive. According to new New York State DMV statistics for 2009, 2,730 cyclists were injured and 12 were killed last year, down from 2,916 injuries and 26 deaths in 2008. Cyclist injuries have dropped almost every year since 1998 (when 5,205 were reported), and continuously since 2005. This probably has something to do with all the new bike infrastructure being brought by our hero Janet Sadik-Khan and her car-reducing DOT. (Streetsblog)