MTA Board Member Thinks Spat-Upon Bus Drivers Should Just Take a Shower and Get Back to Work

05/24/2010 4:11 PM |

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  • Enough spit for a GG Allin show.

It is neither love nor hate that truly brings people together—it is knee-jerk moral outrage. This is why it is not uncommon in populist tabloids (aimed at a less-educated/more working-class demographic) to run gleeful stories about the laziness of a particular group of blue-collar workers, providing an easy target for the rest of us to indulge in an extended session of lathered-up outrage.

And so we have this Daily News story about bus drivers and assault, and how many days off they take after having been spat upon (or “spit on,” in the parlance of the times).

Going into it, I was just amazed and saddened at how often people spat on bus drivers. I mean jeez, 51 reported incidents of expectoration a year, alongside 153 incidents of assault? I take the bus a lot, so I understand that some bus drivers don’t always seem pleasant, but next to any other MTA employee, they’re absolute darlings, working on the transportation frontlines of this not-infrequently dickhead of a city.

So fuck the Daily News for trying to gin-up outrage over bus drivers taking a lot of time off (two months) after being spit on. Seriously, they even have a poll:

Do MTA bus drivers deserve leave if they get spit on by passengers?

1. Yes, it’s humiliating and isn’t part of the job.
2. No, it’s annoying, but shouldn’t effect their job.
3. Maybe a day or two max.

Who the fuck would answer anything but number one? And do people think that getting spit on just happens in an otherwise pleasant confrontation, without extenuating and deeply unpleasant circumstances. The best part of the article is a quote from an MTA board member, her Ladyship Nancy Shevell (a socialite trucking executive, absentee board member, and girlfriend of aging lesbian Sir Paul McCartney).

I don’t envy anyone [who is spat upon]… but you have to wonder if you can go home and shower off, take a nap, take off the rest of the day and maybe the next day.

How many times have you been spat upon, Ms. Shevell, not including meeting Ringo at last year’s Guy Fawkes party?

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  • Come on, if I was spit on at my office, my boss would give me a day or two off, maybe a week — MAX. And then I would be expected to go back to work. But two months? Shevall is right. And you lose all credibility with stupid cheap shots about McCartney.

  • I doubt I’d be given ANY days off. Whoever spat on me might be reprimanded in some way — but get days off???? I seriously doubt it. Just eject the spitter from the bus and get back behind the wheel.

  • This coming from idiots who don’t drive! I’m an MTA bus operator. And its disgusting and to be assaulted and the assailant get away? Hell yes I’m taking 2 months off cuz MTA does not care about the emotional toll it takes on us. Would you feel the same after? I think not! We are not protected at all. We are sheep put in a rolling box with a couple of wolves that want that one opportunity to pounce and see how far they can get. Be in our does for one day then talk.