New Media Artist and Digital Artisan Justin Kemp Adds to the Internet

05/25/2010 3:33 PM |

The Newton, Mass.-based media and mashup artist Justin Kemp‘s Adding to the Internet series (2010) involves him searching for really random images on Google and, when his queries turn up zero results, creating the corresponding image, thus adding to the internet. Here, for instance, is what happened when Kemp searched for “Jack Johnson is hiding behind my house plants”:

Justin Kemp

And so, taking up his pioneering internaut mission, he filled the gap.

Jack Johnson is Hiding Behind my house plants by Justin Kemp

Other works in Kemp’s exploration of holes in the data web include the expressive “Facial Expression Gradient” and the tragically adorable “Plastic six-pack holder cat necklace.” Who knows what missing internet photo he’ll create next! (Rhizome)

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