New MTA Subway Map Still Pretty Confusing

05/28/2010 2:36 PM |

getting lost
  • “You’re gonna wanna take the F to the Q to the G.”

Even lifelong New Yorkers still have to consult the subway map now and then because, well, it’s a big city, with a big, confusing subway system. The problem is, though, that it can be really tough to figure out some of the more important commuting details (transfers, uptown-only stations) by squinting over a fellow passenger’s shoulder on a crowded car.

It is for this reason the MTA has revisited its 1979 map (which has accumulated way too much information over the last 30 years) with an eye to simplification and clarity. And while they’ve taken some admirable steps (shrinking Staten Island, widening Manhattan, conjuring the long-lost City Island), the new maps (set to debut in June) are really more about little tweaks than a full redesign.

But you know what? If you’re not sure, you should never be afraid to ask, as the recitation of subway directions is a ritual beloved by New Yorkers young and old, particularly when there are competing options. Seriously, I love listening to a one-act cast of total strangers work out the fastest way to get to Fort Tryon.