Next Generation Subway Signage to Display Per-Car Passenger Density

05/12/2010 10:04 AM |

subway signs with passenger density

Subway system vets will complain that this is just another way of reducing the hard-earned transit advantages of the habituated traveler, but 4-id Creative Network’s prototype for a crazy digital face-recognition system to determine passenger density in any given train car is kind of amazing, if unsettlingly Asimov-ian. Using cameras programmed to scan each car for faces between every stop, the system then transmits that information to the cops digital displays on the next platform so that passengers can position themselves at the doors to less crowded cars. And as the MTA keeps making major cuts, like firing 260 station agents today, that should free up plenty of funds to fit all our trains and platforms with sci-fi signs in no time flat. (StreetsBlog)

One Comment

  • If only they could have a little icon to indicate if the empty car houses a stinky homeless guy with a shopping cart. Real New Yorkers know: BEWARE THE ONE STRANGELY EMPTY TRAIN CAR!