Oh Look: John Prine and Jim James Perform Together on Letterman

05/27/2010 11:11 AM |

I’ve already spoken at length about my fondness for John Prine, so I’ll keep this brief: He stopped by Letterman last night for a performance of “All the Best,” featuring My Morning Jacket’s Jim James (currently going by his idiotic pseudonym Yim Yames), who recorded the song for Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows, the John Prine tribute album coming out on June 22nd. It happens to be my favorite Prine song, which also makes it one of my top favorite songs ever, and it sounds great here: Prine doing the understated, near-spoken thing his post-surgery voice demands of him these days, while James provides an explicit interpretation of the implicitly emotional original. Take special note of the lines, “Well I got no hate, and I got no pride, well I’ve got so much love that I cannot hide,” and then repeat them to yourself over and over again all day every day for the rest of your life.