Oh That’s Just Great: New Species of Giant Wooly Rat Discovered

05/17/2010 12:33 PM |

wooly rat

  • Please don’t move to New York.

Far away, in the distant, very remote mountains of Indonesia’s Foja range, there lives a big, wooly rat, heretofore unknown to humanity—and he’s not alone. Scientists have also discovered a spike-nosed frog and a dwarf wallaby; yes, you heard me, a dwarf wallaby. Obviously, in light of ever-diminishing species diversity here on planet Earth, it’s nice when we discover brand-spanking new animals, though I’m sure the animals themselves are like, “oh fuck, humans, well, that gives us what, a couple of decades before we’re extinct?” And of course, when the animals say this (in this case, I’m thinking the giant wooly rat, pictured at right) I hear the voice of Wallace Shawn.

The Guardian has a great slideshow, here.