On Sleigh Bells’ “Rachel,” Hockey, and the Accidental Beauty of the Internet

05/13/2010 11:33 AM |

sleigh bells

So, Sleigh Bells. It’s not my job around here to talk about music (the one, true origin of hip-hop notwithstanding) but those songs from the EP… good times (like Micachu snorting adderall with High Places and the Bee Gees).

So, anyway, there I was noodling around on the Internet last night, Sleigh Bells on the brain, and I came across a Maura Johnston post at The Awl with two Sleigh Bell songs embedded; one of them was “Rachel,” which—as Johnston points out—evokes My Bloody Valentine in the best possible way (you can watch it below). Ok, end of music talk; here’s where it gets weird.

Just as I’m about to turn away from the computer and open another Schlitz, I notice one of the YouTube “related video” options beneath the Sleigh Bells video, something called “Rachel’s first sleigh ride.” I shotgun the Schlitz and think, “what the hell?” I click on the video (which you can also watch below). In it, we have four-year-old Rachel, dressed in a pink parka, enjoying her first sleigh ride, a Daddy-powered glide on a round plastic sled thing. It is a sweet and innocent moment, and it had me getting all “Don Draper Carousel” right there at my desk, crushed Schlitz cans arrayed around me… BUT THAT’S NOT WHY I’M TELLING YOU THIS.

You see, and this is what freaked me out, little Rachel was wearing a Habs toque (translated into American, that’s a Montreal Canadiens knit cap). And you see, only minutes earlier, I’d watched the Montreal Canadiens, a hockey team, defeat the heavily favored Pittsburgh Penguins to continue their wholly improbable run deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Seriously.

It was as if the entire Internet was in my brain, trying to talk to me. I drank another Schlitz, put the dogs in their pajamas, and went to bed.