Performance Artist Nate Hill Brings Death Bear to Brooklynites in Need

05/03/2010 12:11 PM |

Nate Hill Death Bear

Brooklyn-based performance artist Nate Hill—whose work on the L train platform has been featured on The Measure before—has another creepy mascot-like character called Death Bear (pictured), who’s available for free appointments anywhere in the borough. Just text him at 347-742-2293, and he’ll come to your place in his jet-black, seven-feet-tall costume and take objects that trigger painful memories away forever, stashing them deep in his cave where they can’t hurt you ever again. In the short doc about Hill after the jump, we see a Death Bear intervention during a brunch party in Williamsburg, which quickly goes from Donnie Darko-creepy to heartfelt tears when a New Orleans native getting ready to move home gives up her winter coat. It’s the saddest video involving a man in a bear suit you’ll see all week. Probably. (Wooster)