Ratings Company Predicts World Cup, Thinks Brazil is Good at Soccer, SEC to Investigate

05/14/2010 10:33 AM |

george best

  • The greatest footballer to never play in a World Cup

Finally, we no longer need to rely on overweight Welshmen in ill-fitting suits to help us gamble on international soccer (sorry, Davey, I’ll call you…) The giant brains at UBS Wealth Management Research (because if it’s one thing we’ve learned, financial ratings companies know what they’re doing) have put together an “investor’s guide” to this summer’s World Cup, in which they make such bold predictions as Brazil and Spain at 5-1 and 9-2, with Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands rounding out the top selections. So yeah, this World Cup will pretty much be like the last ten. Let’s gamble!


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  • You know, Jonny, we haven’t talked about this much yet. Who do you like? I rather think this could finally be the year for the Netherlands–or at least, they’re more fun to root for than most of the other favorites.

    “I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds, and fast cars–the rest I just squandered.”

  • The Dutch team is intriguing to endorse for many reasons, not least because of the chromatically specific synesthetic element that their delightful uniforms have rendered into a highly effective brand.

    For who doesn’t somehow salivate at the sight of the ever-sweet taste of the color orange?

    Anyway, if UBS is backing Brazil, it’s painfully obvious which online banking institution will lend an air of financial heft to their hometown team.

    Sherbet, anyone? Push-up pop?

  • Holland blazed through qualifiers but had an easy group. Dark horse could be Portugal- best player in the world (C. Ronaldo), and a guy named Rolando in the squad! Very good long-shot odds in Vegas (28-1) for a team that has a legitimate shot at going far in the tournament…