Scary New Website Predicts How You’ll Look in 20 Years (Drug Addiction Optional)

05/10/2010 1:18 PM |

In 20 Years

The internet loves to predict how and when you’ll die, and what unpleasantness your future holds, and the new site in20years takes that oracular tendency to a terrifying new level of creepiness. Just select your gender, the years you’d like added (20 or 30), and whether or not you’d like your future self to have suffered some nameless drug addiction, upload a portrait photo and voila, a terrifying web-generated crystal ball likeness. That’s me, at right, age 45, after a long battle with drugs, which I apparently lost (I may also have been bitten by a zombie). Obviously, part of the site’s appeal is that you can see what other people might look like in a few decades, like, say, Obama at 78 after 8 years in the White House, 8 years as VP, and decades of caffeine pill abuse. After the jump. (Urlesque)

Not bad, all things considered:

Barack Obama in the future