Shepard Fairey Show Causes Crowds and a Fight in Soho, Billboard Battle in Williamsburg

05/03/2010 3:50 PM |

RAMBO graffiti Shepard Fairey Williamsburg

Hoping to beat the crowds that I was sure would pile into the Deitch Projects space on Wooster Street in Soho for Saturday evening’s opening reception of the gallery’s final show, Shepard Fairey’s much-hyped May Day, I biked by at about 1:30pm to find a line of scenesters, artsters and tourists going out the door and around the corner onto Grand.

Things only got crazier as the day went on, apparently, as some biker-looking “goddamn klutz” accidentally knocked into gallery founder and soon-to-be LA Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey Deitch during the party, busting his lip and getting scolded in public by the diminutive dealer in a pink suit (video after the jump). This might be the closest thing to an actual fight in Soho in over a decade.

ArtInfo, the Voice and LastNightsParty have slideshows of the more notable, less clumsy guests at the reception, which included Fab 5 Freddy, Adrien Brody, Salman Rushdie and Jerry Saltz. But there might be another Fairey-related fight brewing in Brookyln.

Meanwhile, on our side of the East River, one of the billboards near the Brooklyn end of the Williamsburg Bridge has been tagged up by RAMBO (pictured), with a little message to the Shep in the lower-left-hand corner: “Fairey Tale City.” Oh snap! Is this the beginning of a 70s-style graffiti street war? Definitely. At least until Fairey’s show closes Deitch Projects on May 29 and he goes on to make millions in another city. (ANIMAL)