So, About the New Arcade Fire Clips

05/21/2010 11:02 AM |


Aside from Animal Collective (and duh, obviously Radiohead), it’s hard to think of too many other bands that could get away with what Arcade Fire pulled late yesterday afternoon, when they dropped very, very brief clips of two new songs. There’s the uncharacteristically clanky piano-bar stomp of “The Suburbs,” and the relatively blistering, punkish “Month of May,” from which we get to hear the line, “Gonna make a record in the month of May.” One assumes their new album, as a whole, will sound like neither. In total, there’s less than 30 seconds of music, which maybe would have been more annoying if the record player thing you have to use to listen to it wasn’t so awesome. You think the LCD Soundsystem chatter is a lot to handle? Wait till this album really gets going. Clips after the jump.

A. The Suburbs

AA. Month of May