So, What’s Up with the Oil Spill?

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05/14/2010 2:29 PM |


-Though we ridiculed Florida senator Bill Nelson for asking, not rhetorically, about the obviously influence the oil industry wields at the Minerals Management Service, this report—with juicy off-the-record quotes from grudge-bearing agency scientists—on the agency’s suppression of environmental-impact studies is still genuinely harrowing. The institutional culture goes back at least a decade, but much of the damage done by the agency’s drill-happy managers was done in the last year and a half.


-Comically anti-nature Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski (previously) yesterday blocked a vote on a bill that would raise the liability cap for oil companies following a spill. To protect smaller oil companies, she says.

-Oh, and the spill is, probably, so much bigger than previously reported. We’re gonna need bigger golf balls.

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