Stream the New Black Keys Album

05/10/2010 12:50 PM |


If you’ll take a trip over to the NPR website, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Brothers, the forthcoming eighth full-length by noted blues-rock band The Black Keys. If you’re anything like me or NPR’s Bob Boilen (and I hope that you are), you’re thinking, “Fuck, shit, christ… I really do not need another blues-rock album,” and you’d be right: you need another blues-rock album like you need another mid-90s slow-core album. Boilen, though, thinks this particular Black Keys album is enough of a departure to warrant space in your brain or on you CD shelf, because it’s more focused on smooth R&B than it is on gritty blues stuff. I’ve had it playing for the last little while, and I get that to an extent, but I also hear them defaulting back to the same old stuff every now and then. Hopefully the internet will make an exception this one time and let you listen to it multiple times before forming your final opinion.