The Gowanus Dumpster Pool Guy’s New Project Makes Recycling Fun

05/13/2010 1:02 PM |


Remember the “secret” dumpster pools along the Gowanus last summer? One of the three designers from Macro|Sea, the design firm behind that project, David Belt, is back with another architectural creation/happening/performance/fun outdoor thing this year, Glassphemy! (rendered at right), in which visitors hurl glass bottles donated by local bars into a 20′ by 30′ rectangle of wire and bulletproof glass, where it shatters and lights flash and people at the other end become startled and scared by all the glass you’re throwing toward them but not really at them.

In a recent Times preview of the project, which opens a week from today on May 20 (but only for invited guests), Belt explains: “Recycling’s so boring. We tried to make it a little bit more exciting. People just want to smash things.” Word. Glassphemy! won’t be open to the public; your only ticket in is to submit an idea for how best to reuse the glass shards, which will be recycled on-site by Macro|Sea. How about homebrew bottles for all those Brooklyn DIY brewmasters? (GreenDiary)