The L Magazine’s DIY Brooklyn Issue: Still Actually a Print Publication

05/12/2010 12:33 PM |

DIY Brooklyn

We’ve gotten a lot of letters recently from people who keep trying to read this blog in their bathtubs, on their iMacs—a lot of unhappy letters. So to please those of you who still like the feel of paper in your hands, we put out a print issue today! It’s the DIY Brooklyn Issue!

Within its glorious, smudge-free pages you’ll find Jeff Klingman’s encyclopedic look at the cool kids’ DIY music scene, Ariella Gogol’s fine piece on DIY currency, a surgical examination of DIY art spaces in Bushwick, yours truly once again trying to explain why the kids are alright (you know, hipsters), Mike Conklin really liking The National’s new record, meatballs, and last but not least, Ben Sutton’s totally necessary Ultimate Brooklyn Hip-Hop Summer Mixtape (oh wait, that’s online only, shit…).

Also, in a pinch, the print edition is good for killing cockroaches. Enjoy!