The New Kings of Leon Album is Going to be “Beach-y”

05/26/2010 5:02 PM |


I just came across this NME news item where the band’s drummer, Nathan Followill, describes their new material, which is being recorded right here in New York, as “beach-y.” I’m hoping this to means they sound like Knight School now, but I also came across this question, from user nicolex0, on the always helpful Yahoo Answers.

hey guys. i can’t seem to find that many good, modern beach-y songs, all i keep finding is older music, like kokomo by the beach boys. don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the classics, but does anybody know any really good, modern vacation/beach/summer songs? gracias 🙂

The best answer? Courtesy of someone who goes by the name sodiumbong? Here you go:

Sheryl Crow – Soak Up the Sun
Len – Steal My Sunshine
Weezer – Island in the Sun
Ataris – Summer ’79

So there you go. Kings of Leon sound like Sheryl Crow now, probably.