Things to Do Before You’re Allowed to Get Drunk: Read the Times Piece on the Exile on Main Street Reissues

05/21/2010 12:57 PM |


Slow news day today, and let’s face it, you’re just sitting there waiting until you’re allowed to go get drunk outside somewhere. So until that time, I recommend reading this NY Times piece, by Ben Ratliff, about the Exile on Main Street reissues that came out this week. Of all the words that have been spilled over them this n the past few days, Ratliff’s are the most interesting: he presents Keith and Mick’s conflicting takes on the album’s legacy and the degree to which Nellcôte, the French villa in which parts of it were recorded, actually added to it’s hazy, drugged-out vibe. One wonders what it’s like to be in a room with Mick and Keith, considering they seem to agree on basically nothing. Anyway, Ratliff killed it here. Enjoy. Then go get drunk.

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  • I get high just by listening to this stuff. Harvilla has a good take on this with his Pussy Galore post. Ratliff makes the outtakes disk sound essential. I don’t know, I think I need a new shirt more! haha. j/k.

    Also I have a theory that for a lot of hard core “proper” RS fans or critics this is their favorite because it’s their least played out one, the one average joe didn’t buy. Just a theory. Kind of like PJ fans swearing to you No Code is their best album…

  • The piece was ok for a review of Exile by someone who is not that into Exile. Everyone who doesn’t love Exile is always coming up with theories that explain why people who love it do. Um, we just think the music on the record is in-fucking-credible. Why does it have to be so hard?