Topless Photos of Paramore Singer Surface on Twitter, Never Should Have Existed in the First Place

05/28/2010 9:14 AM |


At some point late last night, topless photos of Paramore singer Hayley Williams surfaced on her Twitter account. They were taken down a few minutes later, and Wiliams tweeted, “well… my night just changed drastically. got hacked.” Lots of people seem to think she’s lying—that she wasn’t hacked and that she’d actually just posted the photos herself, either by accident of for attention or something.

Either way, famous people: if you don’t want a the whole world to see you naked, you shouldn’t allow naked photos of yourself to be floating around. This means you shouldn’t let other people photograph you naked, this means you shouldn’t take naked photos of yourself to send to another person, and it means that if you want to take naked photos of yourself just to look at, then you should probably, I don’t know, take the photo, look at it, then fucking delete it, then take a new naked photo of yourself every time you’re struck with the desire to see yourself naked, and then delete all those too. Sheesh. This is not complicated.

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  • Another self-promotion attempt blamed on hackers :). Well, there is nothing wrong with her titties, you can check the out here :…

  • Well she’s an emo fad, what do you expect? They’re just a bunch of shallow teens who use their sex appeal for fame and money.
    Infact I’ve saw it that much, they’re not even sexy anymore, they’re all the same.

    Ten points for being “different”, Hayley.

  • While she shouldn’t have kept/taken the picture in the first place, i dont believe that this was a publicity stunt, and i do think that it was a mistake of some kind. Whether it be hackers or what have you.