Truman Capote’s House on the Heights for Sale

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05/11/2010 3:12 PM |

The house in 1939.
  • The house in 1939.

When Truman Capote wrote, “I live in Brooklyn. By choice,” he was referring to 70 Willow Street, between Orange and Pineapple, in Brooklyn Heights, where between 1955 and 1965 he rented the basement from the house’s owner, Broadway designer Oliver Smith.

Those not ignorant of the area’s allures will note that this is prime real estate—and indeed, the 11-bedroom house, built in the 1830s, was put on the market by its “media entrepreneur” owner yesterday, with an asking price higher than any Brooklyn home has ever fetched: $18 million. That’s a whole lot of cab fare and trips to the powder room.