Watch Ice Cube Play Will Smith in “I Rep That West” Music Video

05/10/2010 9:41 AM |

Ice Cube I Rep That West music Video

Ice Cube’s new record, I Am the West (scheduled for July 13), just got its first official music video, a Blazing Saddles-ish Western parody for lead single “I Rep That West,” embedded after the jump. Highlights include Cube donning a hilarious sombrero (pictured) and playing a bank robber on a Wild Wild West-y cowboy movie set, dancing by himself on the beach while the sun sets like a real West Coast hippie, listing all the states of the West that he reps (including Oklahoma, which, um, not really), and spitting a few really, really spectacular lines over some epic Cali boom-bap, the best of which is: “You a small donation, trick/I’m a telethon.” Bragging about your huge charitable donations is so West Coast. (Complex)