Worst Olympic Mascot Ever? Two Giant Penises “Droplets of Steel” to Embody London 2012

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05/19/2010 4:40 PM |


Wenlock (L) and Mandeville, the newly unveiled mascots for the 2012 London Olympics, are inspired by a children’s story “that tells how they were fashioned from droplets of the steel used to build the Olympic stadium.” And their eyes are cameras, foryourinformation.

The rejected designs, we’re told, included “anthropomorphic pigeons, an animated tea pot and a Big Ben with arms and legs.” Really dodged a bullet there. (Can you imagine if they had put arms and legs on a clock tower?)

Wen and Mandy will be very busy between now and summer ’12, visiting schools and serving as Olympic ambassadors the world over, and through their prolonged media exposure condemning a generation of children to years of nightmares in which they are menaced by hideous amorphic cycloptic monsters.

(Choice comments on the above-linked Guardian story include, so far, “Well, the one in blue has gone and soiled itself,” and “Is Matt Groening on our Olympics committee? First the 2012 logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head to Bart, and now we have Kodos & Kang as our mascots?”)

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  • wow, just WOW. i was going to call for a return to ‘normal’ mascots, then found this in the article:

    “Organisers hope Wenlock and Mandeville will rank alongside the more fondly remembered mascots, such as Waldi the dachshund from the 1972 Munich games and Misha the bear from the 1980 Moscow Olympics”

    i’d say if they want them to rank alongside the fondly remembered mascots, they should base their creations, like the fondly remembered, on actual animals people like and admire.