Write a Letter to a Fictional Character, for the Love of Ben Greenman

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05/13/2010 12:04 PM |


We’ve been watching with interest as Literary Upstart’s Distinguished Spokesjudge Ben Greenman has explored the epistolary form in recent years: at a KGB Bar a few years ago, we heard him read “Helpmate,” from his letter-press collection Correspondences, and in the fall of 2008 we published his story “What He’s Poised to Do,” a story that included several blank postcards, to be completed by the reader.

What He’s Poised to Do is also the title of his new story collection, which features a number of musings on love and correspondence. So his publishers at Harper are encouraging you to write a letter to a fictional character, and publishing many of them on a new blog, Letters with Character.

In the spirit of classical correspondence, we’ve just clipped a bunch of letters out of the new issue and mailed an anonymous threatening postcard to Dick and Nicole Diver.