28 Months in Prison for Oregon’s Rogue Bus Barber

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06/10/2010 4:59 PM |

“Jared Weston Walter, the 23-year-old man nicknamed the ‘TriMet Barber’ for snipping the hair of unsuspecting passengers, was sentenced Wednesday to 2 1/3 years in prison,” the Oregonian reports:

Multnomah County investigators say he cut large clumps of hair from three women and stuck glue in the hair of one woman, all as he sat behind them on TriMet buses in the past year.

In Clackamas County, he’s suspected of cutting or gluing hair from as many as a dozen women as they rode public transportation, in addition to a separate burglary charge. He’s also charged with super-gluing the hair of a girl at a Walgreens in the Houston, Texas-area, where he used to live.

Walter, who has a history of snipping and gluing hair—he’s clipped a swath of destruction across two states since 2005—was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to two charges of witness tampering, “for writing his girlfriend explicit instructions of what to say on the witness stand and asking a friend to buy scissors and plant them as evidence to lead investigators astray.” He is in many ways similar to the Mafia.