After Some Trimming, Williamsburg Domino Sugar Plant Condos Look Like a Sure Thing

06/07/2010 10:30 AM |

Domino Sugar Plant Condos

Despite all the opposition and potential problems, the Brooklyn Paper reports that newly revised plans for the renovation and condo-ification of Williamsburg’s Domino Sugar Plant will probably be approved today or Wednesday by the City Planning Commission, and then move on to an expected approval by the City Council. Major changes introduced to the $2 billion, 2,400 apartment plan include trimming the tops of the left-most towers in that rendering at right, 266 fewer parking spaces than originally planned (for a still excessive total of 1,428) and maybe a 150 room hotel inside the plant. Of course, even with full approval in the next few weeks, the project still has a very long rezoning and construction process ahead, so don’t expect those 5,000 new Williamsburgers to move in any time soon.