Alright, You Guys, Here’s My Plan for Thursday at Northside

06/24/2010 2:02 PM |


Oh hey, has anyone been outside today? What’s the weather like? Do you think I can wear a sweater, maybe? Motherfucker.

So yes, it’s very, very, very hot outside. The kind of heat that causes riots and other terrible things, like body odor and sweat stains and short, tight, cutoff shorts on men. But it’s also the first day of Northside, so we have no choice but to grab a bottle of water and deal with it—by drinking half the bottle of water, then throwing it away and saying, “Oh fuck, whatever, I guess I’ll just get drunk.”

Badge pickup is going on now, at Festival HQ. There’s cold, free beer, as well as lots of other stuff I saw people carrying around in heavy-looking boxes yesterday. Some sort of iced tea, maybe? And Pirate’s Booty, I think. Anyway, you should stop by and say hello. I’ll be the one with the baby stroller. If you haven’t bought your badge yet, walk-ups are welcome, obviously.

On to the music, though. At some point in the early evening, say around 6pm or so, there will be the first of many super secret street-side acoustic performances. I can’t tell you who it is just yet, but be sure to follow us (or me) on Twitter for more details throughout the weekend.

As for the rest of my night? Well, I’ll likely stop by Cameo for the Ernest Jenning showcase featuring Takka Takka, Blood Feathers, Chris Mills, La Strada and Charles Burst. And then I’ll head over to Spike Hill for as much of the Ear Farm showcase as possible—I’m particularly interested in seeing Sean Bones and Shark?, who close out the night. There’s Wavves at The Knitting Factory, of course, but I don’t know if I’ll have it in me. Same goes for the after-party at Shea Stadium, which is being DJ’d by Pitchfork publisher Ryan Schreiber.

Some other perfectly good options: Au Revoir Simone at Warsaw, Fang Island at Public Assembly, Thao and Mirah at Music Hall, My Teenage Stride at the Charleston…. the list goes on and on, really.

Stay cool, have fun, etc.

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  • oh shit I just noticed you guys linked the wrong Steve Moore on the website, this is the correct listing for the Glasslands show, should be worth it, this is Steve Moore who designed the sound system at Issue Project Room:

    Also, might want to check out Union Pool show – Yellow Fewer is so good, the shuttle bus is aka Q59, you gotta time it right, runs mostly on schedule, from experience….