Ben Greenman and Jonny Diamond To Read Short Fiction in Fort Greene. Also, FREE GIN, PEOPLE.

06/18/2010 1:51 PM |

good times

  • Readings go better with gin.

Self-promotion time: Sad and funny friend of The L Mag Ben Greenman is having a big old reading party on Monday at 7:30pm, at Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, to celebrate the release of his wonderful epistolary joint, What He’s Poised to Do. As part of this magnificent party, I will be reading some short epistolary fiction (that means letters), possibly pants-less, definitely drunk…

…BECAUSE THERE WILL BE FREE GIN, PEOPLE. Yup, Bulldog Gin is helping us with G and Ts and G and Ls (lemonade). Holy crap, I want one right now.

So, to recap: Ben Greenman book party rager; me reading fiction, possibly drunk; all the gin you can suck down your ginhole; and some other cool stuff. (GINHOLE, PEOPLE.)