Ben Greenman Made a Book and It’s For Sale Today

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06/15/2010 4:48 PM |


Earlier, we encouraged you to write a letter to a fictional character in the interactive and epistolary spirit of What He’s Poised to Do, a new book of made-up prose stories (“short fiction”) by Ben Greenman, the Distinguished Spokesjudge of our Literary Upstart competition.

Since it was just that effective as a promotion, you’ve probably been wondering, When do I get to buy this book? Well, now, in fact. As of today, it’s officially on sale at your local independent bookstore. Especially Greenlight, in Fort Greene, one imagines, given that they’re hosting the release party on the 21st, next Monday. At said event, Greenman will read alongside a number of writers of his acquaintance, including, at risk of burying the lede, Jonny Diamond, editor of this very blog. (He’ll be the one in the I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang dungarees and stiff blue button-down, and wax-tipped mustache.) Don’t worry, I’m sure he was planning on telling you himself closer to the event, it’s not like he doesn’t want you to show up.

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  • Of my recently googled I have “Ben Greenman new book kindle download” on my cache. No dice, though. Come on Ben, help a sister and sell out to Amazon. Please.