BMW Be Damned, Damien Hirst Designs Audi Art Car for Elton John

06/28/2010 10:14 AM |

Koons v. Hirst art cars

It’s a U.S.A.-England rematch, with art cars: after Jeff Koons designed the ridiculously racing striped 2010 BMW Art Car (above left), Damien Hirst has gone and created his own artfully painted vehicle (above right), a pink, paint-splattered Audi that was auctioned off in a benefit for Elton John’s AIDS foundation. Speaking on the 420,000 euros that the car fetched during the White Tie and Tiara benefit ball, Sir Elton gave as accurate a summation of Hirst’s work as anyone ever has: “Damien Hirst is considered one of Great Britain’s most important modern artists, and his works have earned record sums at Sotheby’s.” Okay, sure, but could it beat the Koonsmobile in a race? (ANIMAL, Design Boom)