Brooklyn: The Dream is Over (Or Was That a Nightmare?)

06/02/2010 12:23 PM |

abandoned city

Brooklyn is number one when it comes to abandoned construction sites! Hooray! Out of 615 stalled projects citywide, our beloved little borough accounts for 279—way to go, everybody! And guess who leads the way in Brooklyn proper: Williamsburg-Greenpoint, of course, home to 73 failed gentropods.

Obviously, these numbers have everything to do with the whole North Brooklyn real estate freak out of the last decade, when everybody and his bass player thought he could slap up a condo and be rich forever. Frankly, though, as someone who lives in Williamsburg and trembles in terror at the prospect of all the successful condos about to start filling with fancy people, I gotta say I’m glad for the 73 stalled projects (and this is less about “I was here when it was cool,” than it is “I can’t fit on the L train anymore”).

So hey, squatters, come to North Brooklyn and live the condo life! You can see the Chrysler Building from your jerry-rigged water catchment system!

One Comment

  • Fool, your BUTT is sitting pretty! You have to believe and hold on to your dream! You either have to become part of the movement or MOVE! It’s not for weaklings!