City Hall Gets Go-Ahead for Rooftop Solar Panels

06/17/2010 9:37 AM |

NYC City Hall

On Tuesday the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a $100 million plan for all kinds of renovations for the Bloomsberg bunker City Hall, including exciting things like new leak-proof roofing! a new electrical equipment cellar! and five huge clusters of solar panels to be mounted on the landmarked building’s rooftops. DNAinfo reports that once installed, energy from the panels will generate half the electricity needed to power the building’s second floor, which is where Mike and co. have their offices (doesn’t sound like much, does it?).

Work on the rooftop renovations and panel installations should begin very shortly, and be finished sometime next year, by which time City Hall will hopefully realize that they should really stick some wind turbines up there. Meanwhile, Chicago City Hall has a rooftop garden. Just sayin’.