City to Remove Ghost Bikes: Who’ll Make a Memorial for the Bike Memorials?

06/21/2010 12:32 PM |

nyc ghost bike

Following a “handful” of complaints from citizens, NY Daily News reports that the city’s Sanitation Department is planning to remove derelict old bikes chained to fences and sign posts, including the 67 white memorial ghost bikes that have been chained up around the city since 2005 to commemorate places where cyclists have died in accidents. If the plan goes ahead (there will be a public forum on July 20, 11:30am at 125 Worth St), workers will start putting warning stickers on rusted and white bikes in September, with a five day grace period to remove the former, and 30 days for the latter.

Understandably, bike activists and families of cyclists killed in accidents are mad, but, if passed, it’ll be interesting to see what new way people find to commemorate biker deaths; chained-together bike wheels hanging from telephone wires, perhaps? (Brownstoner)