Coney Boardwalk to Suck for This Weekend’s Mermaid Parade and Beyond

06/18/2010 4:49 PM |


There’s nothing quite like sitting at a table on the Coney Island boardwalk, enjoying a beer, and watching the tourists, elderly and Jewish children fall down. Unfortunately, the boardwalk is under construction, meaning that half of it is fenced off! So, when you’re out there for the Mermaid Parade this weekend, there’ll be less room to move than usuallet alone march!plus no tables, chairs or even fucking garbage cans this summer, Kinetic Carnival reports. That sucks for you, from both relaxing, garbage and beach-access perspectives, but even more for the beloved boardwalk businesses, including our favorite post-Luna Park Saloon bars, Ruby’s and Cha-Cha’s. “If they can’t get stuff out, hardly anyone will be able to get in,” as per Kinetic Carnival. Hey, wait until the baseball games start (tomorrow) and the cirucs comes back (to abuse more animals?), now that Luna Park is open for more than a show-weekend. “Swarms of people along heeps [sic] of trash will not be a pleasant site [sic],” Omar Robau writes. Plus, people are good at moving efficiently, right? Groan.

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