Cops Being Dicks: Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face for Jaywalking

06/16/2010 12:29 PM |


You know how you can tell how tough a guy is? By how hard he punches a woman!

The latest cop being a dick comes to us from Seattle, where an unnamed officer was caught on camera punching a woman in the face after he stopped her for jaywalking. There’s no indication he was even drunk or anything!

The trouble began when the cop wasted everyone’s time by stopping a group of teenagers for crossing a street about 15 feet from the crosswalk. After one teenager was all like “whatever” the cop was like “oh no you didn’t” and the situation escalated until a girl pushed the cop, which he responded to with a right cross.

Well, we all know you can’t push a police officer, but still—act like a dick (enforcing jaywalking laws; it’s just coincidence that the “perps” were black) and get treated like a dick in return.

Watch the video!

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  • Why does it take that cop, like, ten minutes to restrain a teenager? I mean, what if that was a 300 pound schizophrenic skin head Nazi on PCP? I hear they enjoy jaywalking more than anyone. Lesson Learned: When approaching errant pedestrians, call for back up, before engaging in hand to hand combat.

  • You are an idiot. If the girls had acted civil and just done what the officer had asked (identification and cooperation), none of this would have happened. The officer was just doing what he was trained to do, and the 17 year old girl was clearly wrong in pushing the officer. PLUS, she already apparently had a previous ding for kicking an officer in the stomach. Stop defending these unruly children. The police have enough bullshit to deal with. If you get stopped for any reason, just work it out in a civil manner, even if you think the officer is wrong.

  • Or, none of this would have happened if the cop hadn’t tried to stop a couple of kids for jaywalking. Black teenagers have enough bullshit to deal with.

  • Irregardless if they were stopped for j-walking, littering or bank robbery

  • Completely deserved it. she’s lucky she didn’t get tazed for acting like that. She wasn’t even the one being arrested and you can see that some dude was trying to restrain her by the wrist and she got loose to shove the officer of her friend, like I said, she’s lucky she didn’t get tazed, or got the end of the stick.

  • seriously, “she’s lucky she didn’t get tazed”?!? as though we’re all just lucky not to be beaten by cops for crossing the street when it’s not our turn? or that saying that young black people are discriminated against by white cops is untrue? i get that cops put themselves out there every day, and most of them are just trying to do their job and protect people. but you don’t go around punching people in the face, or tasering them, or giving them “the end of the stick”. and if you have a badge and are paid to represent and enforce the law, then your actions should be held up to severe scrutiny.

    oh, and @sickofit: irregardless is redundant, or probably a double negative. regardless already means “in spite of” or “anyway”.

  • I don’t have a son or any immediate plans for one, and there’s a hell of a lot I don’t know about manhood, but I’m pretty sure that if I was ever to be a father that one hand-on-the-shoulder low-confidential-voice piece of wisdom I would pass on to my heir would be that “She deserved it” is really not a sentence you should ever find yourself reaching for.

    Just, you know, sayin’.

  • Irregardless is ungrammatical, so everything after that should be fruit of the poisonous tree, yes? According to your own logic (sickofit) what comes after idiocy requires, well idiocy. You are confused on more subjects than English, mon frere (that is French, maybe you are versed in this, oui?). When an Officer of Law is faced with force he is to, by law, respond with the same force. Should he not abide by the law you proposed in your post? Had the 17 year old young lady punched him in the face, forcibly enough to not only draw blood, but also break bone (i.e. teeth), then this conversation would be a horse of a different breed.

    Punching a woman in her face is cowardly. I have seen men restrain other men in much better fashion. I suppose as a 17 year old young woman who made the mistake of losing her senses deserves the punishment from an Officer trained in restraint, who has become judge and jury. Bravo, sickofit! You certainly told us that violence IS the only way to go…

  • Jaywaliking seems like the biggest bullshit law ever made up. Seriously take this example:

    My friends drop me off opposite my house 3am in the morning after a long night out partying. My house is situated in a 2km long street and the only intersections are 1km away. The street is deserted at 3am in the morning. What do I do:

    A) Jaywalk across the road after Looking left, then right, then left again.
    B) Walk 1km down the road to the intersection cross to the other side and walk another 1km back to my house.
    C) Ring the door bell of my neighbour and get him to drive me home (which is directly across the road).
    D) Call my mate for him to come back and deposit me in front of my house.

    Say I go with A. Police swoop out of no where and demand my ID etc on account I was Jaywalking.

    So you can see my frustration with an ambiguous Law like Jaywalking. If the police did it cause I Jaywalked in front of on coming traffic in a semi built up area with cars going a fast speeds where I could potentially cause an accident I totally get it.

  • Whether or not a jaywalking stop is frivolous is beside the point. Cooperating with the police is not optional. You don’t get to manhandle them if you find yourself annoyed by their request for identification.