Cops Being Dicks: Staten Island Traffic Jam Beating

06/04/2010 3:57 PM |


Well, I write about it so much it may as well become a regular feature: a cop, Anthony (pronounced “Ann-tun-ee”) Egan, was a dick on Tuesday when he hamburgered the face of a Turkish immigrant, Emzo Yildiz (pictured, right), following a traffic jam disagreement. The Turk was arrested; the cop, whisked away by fellow officers.

Hey, it’s just like that old joke:
“When does someone who does not throw a punch, and gets punched by somebody else, get arrested?”
“When the other person is an off-duty police officer!”

Oh, that’s not an old joke, it’s a new one cooked up by the immigrant’s defense attorney. The police assert, of course, that the Turk charged at the police officer, who only threw a punch, after announcing himself as a police officer, in self-defense. Unfortunately, two witnesses located by the Staten Island Advance refute that story, alleging that the cop left without a scratch after instigating the imbroglio. “He said nothing about being a cop,” Emzo said. “He grabbed my hand. I said, ‘No, don’t touch me.’ And he punched me.”

That story was supported by Emzo’s friend, Cliff Browning:

The two began arguing [after almost colliding while merging in traffic]. Egan “started touching” Emzo’s arm.

“Emzo is yelling, ‘Don’t touch me! Don’t [bleeping] touch me,’” Cliff says.

“And the guy turned his right hand and pushed Emzo’s face, and came around with a left hook and clocked him in the eye. I was walking up … about four feet away. I heard the punch. It was solid. He hit him so hard, it looked like he broke his eye. That was one punch. That guy had a solid left hook.”

Cliff grabbed Emzo to break it up, “but that guy came over my shoulder and punched him again.”

Well, this he-said-he-said should be easy to unravel—it’s simply a matter of who, stereotypically, has the worst temper: Turks? Or Cops?

Meanwhile, this comes on the heels of the news two days ago that the cops who died in a car accident in the Bronx last month were, yup, drizz-unk. Of course, if the cops had survived, whether the NYPD would have admitted this is uncertain.


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