Crown Heights Archaeological Dig to Expose American Cowardice

06/11/2010 2:07 PM |

History is like a road...

  • History is like a road…

In August 1776, American soldiers defended Bedford Pass during the Battle of Brooklyn—that is, before they retreated from advancing English forces. Sounds ignoble to us, but local historians think that if we dig up the road—now known as Clove Road, in part of modern day Crown Heights—we might discover artifacts that could provide “a glimpse” of what “camp life was for the troops,” the Daily News reports. Councilwoman Letitia James nabbed $200,000 for the dig, which is set to begin this summer.

Hilariously, everybody in the neighborhood is all like, “seriously?”

“How is it going to help me?” said Dvorah Eidelman, 41, a mother of eight who lives on Malbone St., which intersects with Clove Road. “It’s going to be a mess. My children are young and they’re going to run around. It could be dangerous.”


“The street looks like a Third World country,” said Solomon Neubort, 42, a lawyer on Malbone St. “You may be imposing a great burden on residents of the streets without much of a payback.”

But a local architect-qua-history buff issues a smackdown: “Somewhere near here was a battle or event that is not being properly commemorated,” he said. “We’re trying to reconstruct history.” Boo-ya! Won’t somebody think of the commemorations?

[via Hawthorne Street]