Crucial Jenny Holzer Relief Arrives in South Africa

06/23/2010 2:04 PM |

Jenny Holzer T-Shirts

As part of a multi-site group exhibition titled In Context and coinciding with the World Cup in South Africa, 7,000 vuvuzelas t-shirts branded with truisms by type art superstar Jenny Holzer have been distributed mostly to school children throughout downtown Johannesburg and Soweto. The simple black-on-white aesthetic must stand out rather sharply against the rainbow of soccer paraphernalia, team logos and national colors.

Holzer replaces the visual cacophony of an international sports competition with typically simple, blunt messages like “The sum of your actions determines what you are” and “Everyone’s work is equally important.” In an interview about the free t-shirts with T Magazine Blog, Holzer explained the piece’s ageism: “It’s better to give to children than to adults.” Word—grown-ups suck. If you’re not in South Africa, you can play from home by buying Holzer tees over at Printed Matter. (Art21Blog)